What does “GT” Mean in Titleist GT Drivers?

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By Zack R., Team Titleist Staff

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  1. Team Titleist Staff

    At Titleist, entirely new product names are reserved for products achieving breakthrough levels of performance. As we introduce new drivers to the best players in the world this week at the Memorial Tournament, take note of the new “GT” name after three extremely successful generations of the “TS” franchise which helped Titleist become the most played driver on PGA TOUR.

    So, in the theme of excitement and speculation, let’s kick things off with what we think this new name might mean.

    What do you think the “GT” stands for in Titleist GT Drivers?

  2. As simple as what it means maybe? Grand Tourer?
  3. Brendan M said:

    As simple as what it means maybe? Grand Tourer?

    Get Touch
  4. esteban i

    esteban i
    modesto, CA

    Generation Triumph!!
  5. Robert J

    Robert J
    Washington Township, MI

    I think it could possibly mean "Golf Technology" for each design of the different models.
  6. GreaT or Get in There
  7. ASpencer said:

    GreaT or Get in There

    Great Trousers!
    Green Turtle!
    Go Topflite!
    Goods Trust
  8. Is it like the car name, Grand Turismo/Touring? It fits due to the “top speed” meaning for the cars.


    "Galvanic Tachyonic"
  10. Tony B

    Tony B
    Warwick, Warwickshire

    GT in cars stands for Grand Tourer and its also synonymous with having great performance. So I'm guessing the new clubs will follow that theme.
  11. Grand Tourer, Go Titleist, Giga something haha!
  12. Rick G

    Rick G
    Marietta, SC

    Game Time! :)
  13. Rick G said:

    Game Time! :)

    It’s “GameTime,” baby! I’m going with that.
  14. Grand Tourer. Fast and smooth
  15. ‘ Good Times ‘
  16. "Golf Tour"?
  17. Bill G

    Bill G
    Richburg, SC

    I think it means GO TO. Meaning this is my go to driver.
  18. GT = Grand Tourer like the cars for long distance and speed
  19. Good Times
  20. Brent W

    Brent W
    Enola, PA

    Gran Turismo but the G has an element of the 9 along with the infamous Titleist Triangle alignment aid paying tribute to the 9 series??
  21. Glorious Thwack
  22. Game changing Technology
  23. Game changing Technology
  24. Gran turismo
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