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By Bryan W

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  1. Bryan W

    Bryan W
    Hillsboro, OR

    Anyone else here on TT using the Blast Motion Sensor for putting? I’m new to it but so far lots of possibilities to improve my stroke. I seem to be a 1.7:1 ratio putter but can’t quite hit the consistent 2.0:1 mark.

    Who else is using Blast and what is your preferred tempo?

  2. pulplvr

    Spring, TX

    Not familiar with the Blast Motion Sensor per se, but my local teaching pro uses something similar for our putting tempo clinics. While he says the system seeks a 2:1 ratio, his personal putting motion is normally 1.8:1. Basically, it wants you to swing forward at twice the pace you go back. It works for many, but not all, witness Brandt Snedeker
  3. TitleistBaller

    Cleveland, OH

    I may give this thing a try and work on it over the winter indoors.

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